• Multiple Tool System
    • Y2 Axis With Live Tooling Function
    • With/Without Guide Bush


  • Main and Sub-spindle with C-axis contouring capability. The maximum speed of the spindles is 6,000 rpm and the minimum indexing unit degree is 0.001 o. The maximum bar capacity up to ∅42mm.

  • SY2-42E provides the option to go with or without a guide bush to achieve optimum machining condition.


Front Tooling System

Numerous tooling systems can increase machining flexibility, perform milling, drilling, and tapping to the front and rear to offer highly efficient parts processing in a single cycle.

  • Radial Live Tools*6
  • Axis Live Tools*3
  • O.D. Tools*6
  • I.D. Tools*5

Back Tooling System

Back machining device with Y2 axis function, which can load 8 pcs live tools running at 6,000 rpm. The back machining device is available to mount with O.D. or I.D. tool, as required.

  • Live Tools*8
  • O.D. Tools*4 (max)
Specifications SY2-42E
Max. turning. dia. ∅42 mm
Standard turning. dia. ∅36 mm
Distance between two center 850 mm
Axis specifications
X1-axis travel 265 mm
Z1-axis travel 450 mm (Without guide bush)/317 mm (Guide bush)
Y1-axis travel 640 mm
X1/Y1/Z1-axis rapid travel speed 30 m/min
X2/Y2/Z2-axis travel 380/110/460 mm
X2/Y2/Z2-axis motor 0.85/0.75/0.85 kw
X2/Y2/Z2-axis rapid travel speed 30/5/30 m/min
Min. input unit 0.001 mm
Max. bar feeding dia. ∅42 mm
Max. speed of spindle 6000 rpm
Center height 1100 mm
Spindle bore ∅43 mm
Spindle collet TRB-42
No. of O.D. tools 6
O.D. tool size □16 mm*5 / □20 mm*1
No. of I.D. tools 5
I.D. tool size ∅25 mm
Spindle motor 7.5 kw
C-axis Index positioning 0.001
Spindle live tooling
No. of radial live tooling 6
Radial live tooling size ER-20
Radial live tooling motor 1.5 kw
Max. speed of radial live tooling 6000 rpm
No. of axial live tooling 3
Axial live tooling size ER-20
Axial live tooling motor 0.75 kw
Max. speed of axial live tooling 6000 rpm
Sub Spindle
Max. bar feeding dia. ∅36 mm
Max. speed of sub spindle 6000 rpm
Sub spindle motor 4.4 kw
Sub spindle bore ∅37 mm
Sub spindle collet TRB-36
No. of I.D. tool 8
I.D. tool size ∅25 mm
C-axis index positioning 0.001
Sub spindle live tooling
No. of axial live tools 8
Axial live tooling motor 3.0 kw
Max. speed of axial live tooling 6000 rpm
Axial live tooling size ER-20
Hydraulic unit
Hydraulic pump 1 HP/0.75 kw
Coolant Pump
Main & Sub spindle upper flush pump 1 HP/0.75 kw
Tool coolant pump 1 HP/0.75 kw
Tank capacity
Hydraulic tank 46 L
Coolant tank 240L
Power 220 V/35 KVA
Machine size(LxWxH) (includes chip conveyor) 3124 x 1809 x 1977 mm

*Design and specs subject to change without notice.