• Radial live tooling
    • Back tooling system
    • Deep drilling tooling
    • Double Built-in spindle C axis
    • Removable Guide Bush

Front Tooling System


  • O.D. Tools*6
  • Front I.D. Tools*5
  • Radial Live Tools*5(max)
  • Axial Live Tools*6(max)
  • Deep Drilling Tools*2


Back Tooling System


  • Live Tools*8
  • O.D. Tools*3

※Rear I.D. Tool need adopter sleeve .

Radial Live Tooling

An expansion adapter for two radial live tool units can be installed, adding extra ER-20 live tools for functional machining.

Back Machining System


  • Back tooling system on Y2 axis can have a max of 8 live tools for multi-functional machining.
  • According to your machining needs, the back tooling system can be equipped with radial power tools or fixed tools.
  • There are three O.D. tool holders beside the back tooling system for turning operations.


Deep Drilling Tooling


  • SY2-52 provides two deep drilling holders beside the sub spindle for increased machining flexibility.
  • It is a ∅25, 150mm deep drilling tool capability with internal coolant supply.


Double Built-in Spindle C Axis


  • The Swiss type lathe with high performance Mitsubishi built-in spindles for superb machining precision, max speed 6,000 rpm.
  • Double spindles on C axis have a min. accuracy unit of 0.001degree , and are suitable for milling contour machining.




  • Rotary guide bush design reduces bar vibration, improves machining accuracy, and has a max. part length of 350mm.
  • Max. bar capability ∅42.




  • Without guide bush, the left material length is shorter, saving production costs.
  • Max. bar capability ∅51.


Fast Programming

Mitsubishi M80 series controller with multi-core CPU provide fast programming, smoother operations at high speed and high precision control ability.

Specifications SY2-52
Controller Mitsubishi
Max. turning dia. (rotary guide bush) ∅42 mm
Max. turning dia. (non guide bush) ∅51 mm
Max. turning length (rotary guide bush) 350 mm
Max. turning length (non guide bush) 128 mm
Axis specifications
X1/Y1/Z1-axis travel 271 / 420 / 337.5 mm
X1/Y1/Z1-axis rapid travel speed 30 M/min
X2/Y2/Z2-axis travel 445 / 120 / 428 mm
X2/Z2-axis rapid travel speed 30 M/min
Y2-axis rapid travel speed 8 M/min
Min. input unit 0.001 mm
Max. speed of spindle 6000 rpm
Spindle motor 7.5 / 11kW
Center height 1095 mm
Collet of spindle ( rotary guide bush) TRB-42
Collet of spindle (non guide bush) TRB-52
C-axis Index positioning 0.001°
Spindle live tooling
No. of O.D. tool 6 pcs(Op:5 pcs)
O.D. tool size □16 (Op:□20)
No. of I.D. tool 5 pcs
I.D. tool size ∅25
No. of radial live tooling 5 pcs
Radial live tooling size ER-20
No. of axial live tooling 3 pcs
No. of end milling tool size (front / back) ER-20 / ER-16
Live tooling motor 2.2 kW
Live tooling max. speed 6000 rpm
Sub Spindle
Max. bar feeding dia. ∅51
Max. speed of sub spindle 6000 rpm
Sub spindle motor 7.5 / 11kW
Sub spindle collet TRB-52
C-axis index positioning 0.001°
Sub spindle live tooling
No. of axial live tools 8 pcs
Axial live tooling size ER-20
No. of O.D. tool 3 pcs
O.D. tool size □12
No. of deep drilling tool holder 2 pcs
Deep drilling tool holder size ∅25
Live tooling motor 2.2 kW
Max. speed of live tooling 6000 rpm
Hydraulic unit
Hydraulic pump 2 HP
Coolant Pump
Spindle upper flush pump 1 HP
Coolant pump 1 HP
Tank capacity
Hydraulic tank 35 L
Coolant tank 220 L
Power 57 KVA
Machine size(LxWxH) (includes chip conveyor) 4000x1630x1940 mm
Machine N.W.(includes chip conveyor) 6000 kg
Main / sub spindle cooling Oil cooling

*Design and specs subject to change without notice.

Tool kit Chip washing coolant device
-Cutting fluid pump
-Cutting fluid inspection device
Stack light
Air conditioner for electrical cabinet Steel belt chip conveyor Auto power breaker
Auto bar feeder interface Main and sub spindle fixed air blow Air blow through sub spindle and part ejector
Finished part catcher & conveyor Main and sub spindle hydraulic clamping system End milling unit x1
Voltage stabilizer / transformer Chip cart Bar feeder
Coolant chiller High pressure coolant device Gear hobbing unit
Polygon milling unit Driven broaching unit Side milling unit
Slitting saw unit Adjustable angle milling unit  

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