• Servo / power turret
    • C-axis precision machining
    • 8 or 12 tool stations capable

Specially Designed Spindle

Specially designed spindle with high torque and constant speed, enhances rigidity even at low speeds. Heavy duty work capability and extreme precision cutting all in one machine.

Hydraulic Tailstock

Hydraulic tailstock(option) designed for versatile functions such as turning the longer parts whilst maintaining high stability.

Specifications C-428T(S)
Controller Mitsubishi / Fanuc Mitsubishi / Fanuc
Max. turning. dia. ∅160 mm ∅160 mm
Swing over bed dia. ∅420 mm ∅420 mm
Max. turning. length 280 mm 280 mm
Axis specifications
X-axis travel 120 mm 120 mm
Z-axis travel 350 mm 350 mm
X/Z-axis motor M:1.0 / 1.5 kW
F:1.2 / 1.2 kW
M:1.0 / 1.5kw
X-axis rapid travel speed 12 m/min 12 m/min
Z-axis rapid travel speed 18 m/min 18 m/min
Min. input unit 0.001 mm 0.001 mm
Max. bar feeding dia. #42:Ø45
Max. speed of spindle 4000 rpm(Op:6000rpm) 4000 rpm(Op:6000rpm)
Spindle chuck 6 6
Spindle motor M:5.5 / 7.5 kW
F:7.5 / 11 kW
M:5.5 / 7.5kW
F:7.5 / 11kW
Spindle nose A2-5 A2-5
Spindle collet TRB-42 / TRB-52 TRB-42 / TRB-52
O.D. tool size □20 mm □20 mm
I.D. tool size ∅25 mm ∅25 mm
Live tool turret
No. of live tool 8 12
Turret Motor 0.85 kw 0.85 kw
Hydraulic unit
Hydraulic pump 1HP/0.75 kw 1HP / 0.75 kw
Coolant Pump
Main & Sub spindle upper flush pump 3/4HP / 0.53 kw 3/4HP / 0.53 kw
Turret coolant pump 3/4HP / 0.53 kw 3/4HP / 0.53 kw
Tank capacity
Hydraulic tank 20 L 20 L
Coolant tank 110 L 110 L
Power M:220V / 16KVA
F:220V / 20KVA
M:220V / 16KVA
F:220V / 20KVA
Machine size(LxWxH) (includes chip conveyor) 2985x1470x1650 mm 2985x1470x1650 mm
Machine N.W.(includes chip conveyor) 2200 kg 2300 kg
Auto Lubricator 3~6cc / 10min 3~6cc / 10min

*Design and specs subject to change without notice.

Steel belt chip conveyor & cart Auger type chip conveyor & cart Voltage stabilizer / transformer
High pressure coolant device Finished parts catcher & conveyor 6" hydraulic chuck
Tailstock Auto parts catcher Robot
Oil mist Re-collector High pressure coolant device  

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