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  • NCY-32M.(S)
  • NCY-32M.(S)
  • NCY-32M.(S)


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NCY-32M Sliding Head CNC Lathe performs turning, milling, drilling, tapping, cutting and slide turning, all in one operation. Our sliding headstock design, combined with PC-based CNC control, offers high efficiency and precise machining.

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Capacity NCY-32M.(S) NCY-36M.(S)
Controller Syntec
Max. manu. dia.  Ø32 Ø36
Axis specifications
X axis travel  190mm
Y axis travel  490mm
Z axis travel  165mm
X1 axis servo motor  1.3kw
Y,Z axis servo motor  0.85kw
X,Y,Z axis rapid travl speed  30m/min
Min. input unit  0.001
Spindle max. rpm  6000rpm
Spindle motor  7.5kw
Center height 1015mm
Spindle bar capacity  Ø32 Ø36
Collet of spindle  TRB-32 TRB-36
No. of O.D. turning tools  6 (Op:5)
O.D. turning tool size  12mm (Op:16mm)
No. of I.D turning tools  5
I.D turning tool size Ø25
Spindle live tooling
No. of cross side driving tools  4
No. of front side driving tools  3
Cross & front side of driving tool  ER-20
Axial live tooling servo motor  0.75 kw
Radial live tooling servo motor  1.0 kw
Rev. speed of driving tools  6000rpm
Power 220V/20KVA
Machine size (LxWxH)(includes chip conveyor)  2442x1954x1722
Machine N.W. 3100 kgs
Coolant pump  1 HP / 0.75kw

Design and specs subject to change without notice.


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