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  • CT2
  • CT2
  • CT2
  • Twin Spindle Twin Turret
  • CT2turning & milling center
  • Double Turret with 16-station Live Tooling
  • Single Y Axis
  • Double Built-in Spindle
CT2 Turning & Milling Center (CNC Lathe)
Twin spindle Twin Turret
The CT2 can show you how to boost your cutting productivity to a new level.

The CT2 with twin spindle twin turret lets you run high precision part more efficiently. The main and sub spindle combined with two 16-position servo turrets allow complex parts to be machined all at once. The design concept behind the CT2 is to give you competitive leadership for years to come.

twin spindle, twin turret, big workpiece, long workpiece, built-in spindle, 45, 90, 16-station, cnc lathe

servo, driven tool, Double Y axis, tailstock(option), cnc lathe 4000rpm 6000rpm C axis


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