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It is with pride that Chiah Chyun Machinery has developed the CT Series CNC turning centers. These machines offer much more than a standard CNC lathe, as these CNC turning centers offer a double spindle design for complex component cutting in a single setup.



CT Series CNC turning centers comprise of two different models, the CT2 and CT3 both with multi-axis machining capabilities, integrated oil mist lubrication system and up to 48 live tools. The difference between these two CNC turning centers is that the CT3 features three servo turrets instead of two, for double Y-axis machining.


CT Series multi-axis CNC turning centers feature:

• Extra large 76mm spindle

• 45° carriage bed structure

• DESINA specification cabling

• Optional automation solutions


Compared with other CNC lathes and CNC auto lathes the CT Series offers a unique Y-axis design, simplified control, and a large range of tooling options for accurate and efficient machining of highly complex parts.


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