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Chiah Chyun Machinery has been specialized in the production and development of CNC lathes, CNC auto lathes, and CNC turning centers for many years. With continual improvements in technology our CNC auto lathes have been widely regarded as some of the leading machines out there, with exacting precision and high repeatable accuracy.



With a very rigid structure and a wide range of optional accessories, Chiah Chyun’s CNC auto lathes always offer exceptional performance and versatility. Due to expert design and superior manufacturing processes all of our CNC turning centers and CNC auto lathes offer high precision and excellent reliability.


Auto lathe series features include:

• Multiple tailstocks

• Multiple adjustable tools

• Collet chucks

• Turning and tapping capabilities


All of our CNC lathes, CNC auto lathes, and CNC turning centers undergo strict quality control, from materials inspection to stringent product testing, so we can ensure that all machines shipped to customers meet their exacting requirements.


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