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Chiah Chyun Machinery is a leading CNC lathe manufacturer that delivers high precision and high efficiency machines. As we continue to develop new and innovative designs, our CNC turning centers are specialized in high speed complex machining requiring only a single setup.



We produce a wide assortment of CNC lathes and can offer double spindle designs, up to three servo turrets, double Y-axis functionality, and much more. When manufacturing complex parts our CNC lathes have exceptional versatility as they can handle angled drilling, milling, and complex contouring operations.


Features of our CNC lathes include:

• Very rigid structures

• Rapid positioning

• High repeatable accuracy

• Optional automation solutions


All of our CNC lathes, CNC turning centers, and CNC auto lathes undergo strict quality control procedures, from raw material inspection to post-production testing to ensure that all of our products deliver the high speed and high precision machining that we are proud of.


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