• A combination of main and sub-spindle
    • ∅32/36 mm bar capacity
    • X, Y, Z-axis rapid traverses 30m/min
    • Linear ways on 5 axes
    • PC-based control
    • Collet chucking system
    • Finished parts catcher and conveyor


Designed for various precision parts machining, such as:

  • Automotive, motorcycle and bicycle parts
  • Electronic and electrical parts
  • Instrument parts
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic parts
  • Sanitary and toilet wares
  • Hardware
  • Any other precision parts

Sliding Head without Guide Bush

The spindle head moves on two precision extra large span linear guide ways, exhibiting outstanding stability and high positioning accuracy.
The Advantage:

  • Faster Setups
  • Accommodate No-Grind Stock for Saving Cost
  • No Guide Bush equals Shorter Remnants Limited to Collet Length


Back Milling Device

Back milling and drilling for complicated parts does not need secondary setups thus saving time and labor costs.

  • Auto Screw Chip Conveyor & Cart
  • Steel Belt Chip Conveyor & Cart
  • Voltage Stabilizer / Transformer
  • High Pressure Coolant Device
  • Gripper Device
  • Bar Feeder


Specifications CB-32M CB-36M
Controller Syntec Syntec
Max. bar feeding dia. ∅32 ∅36
Max. spindle speed 6000 rpm 6000 rpm
Center height 1032 1032
Max. manu. dia. ∅32 ∅36
Spindle collet TRB-32 TRB-36
X1/X2-axis travel 185/290 mm 185/290mm
Y-axis travel 490mm 490mm
Z1/Z2-axis travel 165/285 mm 165/285mm
X-axis rapid travel speed 30 m/min 30 m/min
Y/Z-axis rapid travel speed 30 m/min 30 m/min
Min. input unit 0.001 0.001
No. of O.D. turning tools 6(Op:5) 6(Op:5)
O.D. turning tool size □12(Op:□16) □12(Op:□16)
No. of I.D. turning tools 5 5
I.D. turning tool size ∅25 ∅25
Spindle servo motor 7.5 kW 7.5 kW
X-axis servo motor 1.3 kW 1.3 kW
Y/Z-axis servo motor 0.85 kW 0.85 kW
Spindle live tooling
No. of radial live tooling 4 4
Radial live tooling size ER-20 ER-20
Radial live tooling motor 1.5 kW 1.5 kW
Max. speed of radial live tooling 6000 rpm 6000 rpm
No. of axial live tooling 3 3
Axial live tooling size ER-20 ER-20
Axial live tooling motor 0.75 kW 0.75 kW
Max. speed of axial live tooling 6000 rpm 6000 rpm
Sub Spindle
Max. sub spindle speed 6000 rpm 6000 rpm
Max. manu. dia. ∅32 ∅32
Sub spindle collet TRB-32 TRB-32
No. of turning tool 4 4
I.D. turning tool size ∅25 ∅25
Sub spindle servo motor 4.4 kW 4.4 kW
C-axis index positioning 0.001° 0.001°
Sub spindle live tooling
No. of axial driven tool 4 4
Axial driven tooling motor 0.75 kW 0.75 kW
Axial driven tooling max. speed 6000 rpm 6000 rpm
Hydraulic unit
Hydraulic pump 1HP/0.75kw 1HP/0.75kw
Coolant Pump
Main & Sub spindle upper flush pump 1HP/0.75kw 1 HP/0.75kw
Tank capacity
Hydraulic tank 46 L 46 L
Coolant tank 240 L 240 L
Machine size(LxWxH) 3050x1882x1973 mm 3050x1882x1973 mm
Machine weight 3800 kgs 3800 kgs

※ Design and specs subject to change without notice.

Auto screw chip conveyor & cart Steel belt chip conveyor & cart Voltage stabilizer / transformer
High pressure coolant device Gripper device Bar feeder